The modern LED sequencer.

Create synchronised lighting displays for your home in record time.

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House with lighting display, powered by Sparkled

What is Sparkled?


The Sparkled web interface is designed to be fun and productive on all kinds of devices.


Sparkled is designed with tech-savvy hobbyists in mind. Build something awesome and share your knowledge with the community!


Sparkled is and will always be open source. You can use it for free, and build whatever you want on top of the Sparkled API to make your installation extra amazing.

1. Design your stage

A stage represents the objects that make up your lighting installation. We call these objects "stage props".

2. Create your sequences

Add awesome lighting effects to your stage props, all synchronised to audio of your choice.

3. Build your playlists

Group your sequences into playlists, which can be scheduled to run whenever you like.

4. Let it sparkle!

Enjoy the show (and show off your creation to the Sparkled community!)


How much does Sparkled cost?

Nothing at all! Sparkled is open source and 100% free. There may be options to donate to the project or purchase an official training course in the future, but Sparkled itself will always be free.

What skills do I need?

To install Sparkled and start creating sequences, all you need is a computer.

When you're ready to build your installation, you'll be doing some simple wiring, soldering and networking. Don't worry, the Sparkled documentation is there to help you along the way!

What equipment do I need?

To run Sparkled, you'll need a computer and a wireless router to control the lighting installation.

To put together your physical stage props, you'll need a soldering iron and basic electrical tools like wire strippers.

Most importantly, you'll need common sense around electricity. You'll never have to work with dangerous voltages, but safety first nonetheless!

When will Sparkled be available?

Sparkled is still a work in progress, there's no set release date yet, unfortunately!

Why should I choose Sparkled?

Sparkled is designed to empower DIY-ers and hobbyists to create lighting installations with minimal time and cost.

There are other excellent solutions such as Light-O-Rama, but you might find yourself spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on specialised equipment.

Also, Sparkled has a modern web interface, which means you can productively work on your LED sequences from any kind of device.

How can I contribute?

Thanks for asking! Right now, the best way to help Sparkled grow is to spread the word and help build the Reddit and Discord communities.

Special thanks to EJ-Technologies for providing an Open Source license for JProfiler, the award winning all-in-one Java Profiler.
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